11 Crucial Factors: Renting A Pop Up Camper [UPDATED]

A Comprehensive Guide to Renting a Pop Up Camper: 11 Crucial Factors for an Unforgettable and Memorable Outdoor Experience!

By Varsha & Adi | Updated on August 18, 2023

Wanting to camp on weekends but don’t own a van? How about RENTING a pop up camper for your weekend camping goals?

I rented one and I don’t regret it. These campers are easier to tow and an affordable way to enjoy the time outdoors, without spending a fortune on an expensive camping van.

What Is A Pop Up Camper?

A Pop Up Camper is a kind of camping vehicle that can be folded and towed to the campsite and later expanded in the great outdoors.

Pop Up Campers are like Lego pieces that can be assembled and later taken down.

It is a collapsible recreational vehicle but lighter in weight as compared to larger RVs. A Pop Up Camper can be used for tent camping as a tent trailer. Travel trailers are vehicles that can be towed behind a car.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Pop Up Camper?

The cost for renting a pop up camper can vary between $50 to $100. The rental cost will vary depending on other factors like time of the year, amenities, and sleep capacity.

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Pros of Renting A Pop Up Camper

There are many advantages of renting a pop up camper with the features it offers and here are the few I experienced while traveling with mine.

1. Easier To Tow

A pop-up camper is lighter in weight and easy in towing. It can be carried down even with an SUV so you might not need to carry a heavier truck to tow your camper.

2. Low Rental Charges

Renting a pop up camper is really affordable. The rental charges can vary between $50 to $100 per night which is more affordable than most of the larger RVs. You can enjoy camping every weekend in a pop up camper rental without worrying about running short on budget and save money.

3. Lightweight And Compact

Pop up campers are lighter in weight as compared to other recreational vehicles. This makes them easier to tow and being compact in nature, they are easier to store when folded. Pop up campers are the easiest to travel with.

Factors To Consider Before Renting

From size to weight considerations to budget, amenities and maintenance, there are some crucial aspects you must consider before renting a pop up camper. Here are some key factors I would suggest you must take into account to have a smooth travel experience :

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1. Size And Sleeping Capacity

Pop Up Camper
Image Credit: The Dyrt

A Pop Up Camper can generally accommodate 2 to 8 people easily.

So consider the number of people who will be residing inside the camper before renting one to ensure it offers enough living space for each member so that everyone can sleep comfortably.

2. Set Up Time

Person Setting Up Camper
Image Credit: Aliner

Imagine waiting to enjoy the campsite just because you pop up is taking more than enough time to set up. Some pop ups can take up to 45 minutes to set up.

If you want to avoid such a waste of your weekend time, make sure to get a demonstration about the time it takes to set up and take down your pop up camper.

3. Pulling Capacity Of Your Vehicle

Car Pulling A Pop Up Camper
Image Credit: Getaway Couple

While renting a pop up, you must check the pulling capacity of your own vehicle to ensure that it is easier for your vehicle to tow the pop up camper.

Always remember, a camper at the rental store is lighter in weight than one that is loaded with your travel gear and luggage.

4. Safety Features: Breaks and Tires

Image Credit: Getaway Couple

Verify the safety features of your pop up camper before renting one so that you reach your destination safely. You must check the functioning of break, tires, and lights, and don’t forget to carry your tools.

Additionally, you must ask if the rental company is providing any security measures like locks and alarm systems.

5. Additional Camping Equipment

Camping Chairs
Image Credit: Outdoor Life

Most of the companies provide additional camping accessories while renting campers. Such as utensils, bedding, camping chairs, or bike racks. Some companies may include them in the rentals, while others may offer them as optional offers.

You must check if you have such offers before deciding on your pop up camper rental.

6. Space And Storage

Inside A Pop Up Camper
Image Credit: Rvezy

The floorplan of the pop up camper is an important factor considering the number of people who will live in it.

I would advise you to gather a few people together at the rental store and try being inside the camper to ensure that it won’t get crowded when many people gather inside it.

7. Basic Amenities

Pop Up Camper
Image Credit: Crow Survival

The basic amenities such as a kitchen and shower are a must for a better travel experience. Modern Pop Up Campers will offer you the facilities of a fancy kitchen.

You must consider whether you have the option of a refrigerator and whether are you getting access to a shower in your camper.

8. Material Of The Pop Up Camper

Pop Up Camper
Image Credit: Wikipedia

A pop up camper is available both in hard and soft materials.

The soft material pop up camper will allow you to enjoy the pleasant weather with better air circulation but it also has the risk of being affected during high winds in case of an unpleasant weather condition.

You can also find hard material pop up campers which have added facilities such as the bathroom, included in the price. Decide on your type.

9. Lifting System: Automatic Or Manual

Lifting A Pop Up Camper
Image Credit: Yanko Design

The lift-up system can be automatic or manual for a pop up camper. Most people prefer an automatic lift-up system as it is easier to press a button for setting up their pop up camper instead of a manual lifting system.

I mean won’t you love to SAVE your precious energy for camping adventures?

10. Reviews Of Fellow Campers

Reading Reviews
Image Credit: Local IQ

Reading online reviews and seeking recommendations from friends or fellow campers who have rented from the same company can also help you make the right choice with your camper.

Their experiences can provide insights into the quality of the rental service and the condition of the campers.

11. Rental Policies Of The Company

Policy Discussion
Image Credit: Freepik

Some companies may have restrictions on the usage of the camper on specific geographic boundaries.

So to AVOID any additional charges, familiarize yourself with the rental company’s policies, including reservation requirements, cancellation policies, and any restrictions on where you can take the camper.

Final Thoughts

Nothing’s quite as fun as camping with your loved ones, right? Consider these crucial factors before renting a pop up camper for your family to ensure a smooth and memorable travel experience, especially the space and safety.

So begin your next adventure with your pop up camper. Choose your type and HIT the road.

Thanks for reading our curated guide on 11 Factors to Consider For Pop Up Camper Rentals!

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